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Lake Victoria Waters Rise To Historic Levels

Friday, 22nd May 2020


Ugandans who built close to the shores of Lake Victoria are counting losses after the lake exceeded it 1964 height of 13.4 metres. Rising waters have reclaimed space taken by hotels and related infrastructure along the shores of Lake Victoria from Entebbe to Munyonyo. Among the hotels which have been flooded are those along Lido Beach near Entebbe, Kigo Serena as well as the gardens of Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort near Buziga.  Lake Victoria waters have also claimed humbler public spaces like markets along its shores in this part of the Entebbe to Kampala shores. All the areas close tothe lake are vulnerable to flooding, including the Masaka Industrial Park, 95 miles south of Kampala, which had just witnessed the start of construction.

Rising waters are a threat to human beings as much as they are a threat to Ugandan infrastructure. In mid-April, 2020, floating islands caused by rising water levels impacted on electric dams, causing long hours of black out country-wide. Ministry of Water officials attribute the rising water levels  to irresponsible human activity such as forest clearance, poor land use,and illegal constructions along waterfronts. They say these exacerbate the deleterious effects of global warming.