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Repatriation of Ugandan nationals and residents from India

Monday, 29th June 2020

The High Commission in New Delhi has organised the evacuation of 466 Ugandan nationals and residents in India stranded by the COVID-19 lockdown. Two repatriation flights will take off from the large Indian Airport of Mumbai on direct flight to Entebbe. The first of these flights has been undertaken by FLY DUBAI which will carry 193 passengers; and leaves for Entebbe on 30th June,2020. The second flight is operated by Air Tanzania and will carry 230 returnees, mostly Ugandan medical tourists, students, and other senior citizens and officials who the lockdown caught in India.

The High Commission was instructed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to compile the lists, verify the documents of all travellers and get airlines to carry the returnees. Due to the stringent requirements of the Standard Operations Procedure (SOP), the Mission has stationed officials in Mumbai as the departure point for the two flights. They are instructed to examine all returnees documents to ensure that all the COVID-related requirements are met; and that they are legally entitled to return to Uganda. A similar operation is being carried out at the Mission headquarters in New Delhi.