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Sri Lanka Tea Auction Soars Above COVID-19

Monday, 20th July 2020




Uganda and Sri Lanka share a lot in common in their struggle for socio-economic development. Both countries are, for example, tea growers; a consequence of the world-economy which they were drawn into during their shared colonial history. The Sri Lankan tea industry with its wide varieties of black teas is, however, more developed than the Ugandan tea industry. This is attested to by the fact that while Ugandan tea is auctioned in Mombasa, outside its own country of growth; Sri Lanka has a highly developed marketing system for its teas which include its own home auction.  Tea auctioning had therefore been a vital and vibrant dimension of the Sri Lankan tea industry; until COVID-19 came along.The restrictions put on physical tea auction by Corona virus posed a big threat to this time-tested method of selling her teas. For a short while the Sri Lanka tea auction was closed: but only for a short while.  Sri Lanka beat the virus by going digital inits tea auctions. The tea industry in the country now runs a virtual e-auction system which has soared way above COVID-19 obstructions.