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Maldives Surge Against COVID-19

Monday, 20th July 2020
This fairy-tale under-sea restaurant under Maldives Hurawalhi Island Resort is appropriately named Seasoned With Awe Under Sea Restaurant. Such exotic places make the charm of Maldives which beckons tourists from all corners of the world.
When Qatar Airways resuming its daily flights to Velana International Airport in Male, landed on 15th July, 2020 with 107 tourists on board, it signalled the revival of the Maldives Islands shattered economy. The Republic of Maldives had decided to open its airspace since the 27th March lockdown, despite global concerns about the increase of coronavirus infections. The country is taking strict measures to avoid the spread of the virus by requiring all arriving passengers to have valid COVID-19 travel documents; and by subjecting everyone to thermal screening on arrival.Those found to be carrying the virus are isolated and taken to a quarantine centre.

At the height of its world-renowned tourism industry, the Maldives tourism sector had a lot of lessons to offer the Uganda developing tourism industry.  This highly vulnerable Island Nation had risen bravely above all the dire predictions of being swallowed up by rising sea levels and other extreme disasters brought about by global climate change. Since 2013 when Maldives received 1.2 million tourists into its 130 island resorts, the country had found a reliable source of foreign exchange earnings. Over 1.7 million people visited Maldives beautiful atolls in 2019; and tourism accounted for over 60% of foreign exchange coming into the country. COVID-19 arrested this upward growth in tourist numbers; shooting down Maldives socio-economic transformation.