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Mount Elgon National Park

Saturday, 15th August 2020

Mount Elgon which adds a charming background to Mbale City in eastern Uganda is a dormant volcano. It is characterised by a large volcanic base which is populated by thousands of people pursuing different economic activities at each altitude of its gentle incline. To one group of the local people of the area, the Bagisu, the 24 million year gentle mountain is known as Masaba. This grand volcanic mountain rises to about 14,177 feet above sea level. It is the second highest mountain in Uganda after Ruwenzori which is found in the west; and the fourth highest in East Africa. The mountain is renowned for having the largest surface area  in the world: measuring 31 miles by 49.7 miles. To complete its grandeur is a 24.8 miles volcanic crater lake to be found at the top. 

 In Uganda the Mount Elgon area is famous for three national products: the best matoke, the best Arabica coffee and Uganda's world record smashing athletes. Joshua Cheptegei who features in the main column in today's stories in our website, comes barely twenty miles within the domain of this high altitude area.