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Modi To India: Be Vocal for Local

Monday, 17th August 2020


India celebrated her 74th Independence Day Anniversary with a strident call from Prime Minister Modi urging his one billion and three hundred million country-men and women to take the country to new heights using her rich endowment of natural resources. These resources he said, should serve as a powerful springboard for self-reliant growth. Confessing total confidence in the abilities of the men, women and youth of India, Modi said the consolidated energy and strength of these groups was a potent force for economic recovery and growth. He paid tribute to national freedom fighters, martyrs and brave souls who have over time given their lives to protect India and her people.

Below are a few lightly edited excerpts from his Independence Day Anniversary speech given at Red Fort on Saturday, 15th August, 2020.


A tribute to freedom fighters of our time and of all times      Today,we are able to live in an independent India because of the sacrifices of millions of sons and daughters of Mother India. This is an occasion to pay tribute to the freedom fighters, martyrs and brave souls and their spirit and dedication to free Mother India. The valiant soldiers of our armed forces, our Paramilitary forces, our Police personnel and our security forces: everyone is engaged in protecting Mother India. Today is the day to remember their sacrifice and penance, sincerely and wholeheartedly.

A salute to corona warriors      In this period of corona, I salute millions of corona warriors -- doctors, nurses, sanitation workers, ambulance drivers. All these warriors have adhered to the mantra that service is the best religion. They have served the children of Mother India with complete dedication.

Exploit Indian resources to enrich Indians in India           Our country has plenty of natural resources. It is the need of the hour that we start adding value to these natural resources. Together with the value that has been added to our human resource, through education and affordable health care,we shall take this country to new heights. This is the imperative of our times. How long shall we continue to export raw materials to the world? How long will the practice of exporting raw materials and importing finished goods continue?

Build a self-reliant India As we are just one step away from the 75th anniversary of independence, it is essential for a country like India to stand on its own; and to become self-reliant. I have full faith that India will realise this dream. And the reason for this is the strength of the citizens of our country in which I have full faith, and their talents of which I am very proud. I have confidence in our youth and the  unparalleled women power of our country. I have faith in the thinking, in the approach of India. And history is witness that whenever India resolves to do something, she does it.

A self-reliant India in an interconnected world                 Today the world is interconnected and interdependent. So it is the need of the hour that a vast country like India should increase its contribution to the world economy. It is also Indian duty towards world welfare as we have always lived by the adage that the world is one family. If India wants to increase its contribution to the world family, then she herself will have to be empowered first.