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New Delhi Gears For NDP III Despite Corona

Wednesday, 2nd September 2020

As a way of getting to grips with the challenges of work in the Third National Development Plan (NDP III) under COVID-19 ambience, the Mission undertook to bring together its foreign service officers for a four-day retreat in the Indian city of Agra. Agra is home to the world-famous Taj Mahal and is normally teeming with tourists from all corners of the Planet this time of the year. Under lockdown however, not a single tourist was glimpsed hence this northern Indian city provided the perfect peaceful setting for the Mission to critically examine strategies for achieving its mandate in line with the Third National Development Plan of  Vision 2040.

Mission officials took time to study and understand the over-all setting of the 18 programmes of NDP III; which spring from Uganda's pursuit of the over-all goal of attaining high middle-income status by 2040. To reach this level of UN classification Uganda is targeting agro-industrialisation, mineral development, petroleum development, climate change and manufacturing; among other key programmes of action.

The five programmes which the parent ministry had allocated to all Missions were subjected to in-depth discussions and analyses. These are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs share of the 18 national programmes which different government ministries are expected to carry out in the national drive towards NDP III goals and objectives. Accordingly the retreat studied agro-industrialisation, tourism development, manufacturing, community mobilization and mind set change; as well as governance and security. These are the programmes which will determine the Mission strategic plan of the next five years: beginning in July, 2020 and ending in June, 2025. Mission officials noted that under these programmes their key activities of mobilization of resources for industrialisation including foreign direct investment, promotion of trade, promotion of tourism, Diaspora mobilization and engagement remained priority areas of action.