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Ugandan Fruit For Your Immunity and Vigour

Thursday, 10th September 2020

Uganda is known for its tourist attractions such as the source of the Nile, the snow-clad Ruwenzori mountains at the Equator, the largest volcanic lake in the world to be found in Mount Elgon, a teeming wildlife including lion, elephant, giraffe, mountain gorillas, and many, many more such attractions. You are welcome to Uganda to view all these. Your adventure in the country would however not be satisfying were you to feed on a poor diet of cassava and beans throughout your stay.

Your stomach is never a liar and however breathtaking the glimmering jewel of Lake Albert might be, the stomach will remind you of the need for a meal. You need not worry about hunger as the Ugandan food basket is full to the brim with organically grown staples, bananas, vegetables, pulses and fruits. And of Ugandan fruit, you can never be disappointed. There are at least 10 types of banana, mangoes, oranges,  avocado,gooseberries, melon, lemon, lime, pawpaw, passion fruit, guava, soursop, fene or jackfruit  and, last but not least,Ugandan pineapple. I left pineapple to the last because I wanted you to keep it in mind. When you are next in Uganda, be sure to finish off your meal with a slice of sun-ripened Ugandan pineapple. There is nothing like it in this world.

Uganda is very generous with its fruits and wants the world to enjoy the health benefits they give. Trade is therefore encouraged in any of the families of fruit. Why not take advantage of this window to import our luscious fruit to your own country. Uganda Export Promotion Board will be only too pleased to link you up with accredited suppliers so that you can buy nothing but the best of Ugandan fruit.