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Kidepo National Park: Rejuvinating Time In Uganda

Thursday, 10th September 2020

The magnificent expanse of 557 square miles of Karamoja grassland country located in northern Uganda is dominated by Mount Morungole which rises to about 9,000 feet and is watered by the Narus River.This wild life conservation area in north-eastern Uganda is made up of Kidepo Valley National Park and Karenga Community Wildlife Area. The two are home to thousands of animals roaming free in beautiful grasslands: lion, leopard,cheetah, elephant, giraffe, buffalo, zebra, hartebeast, water buck, as well as different types of antelope. It is important to point out that the type of buffalo found in Kidepo, and in Uganda's national and wild life parks, is the cape buffalo (syncerus caffer); it is not the docile domesticated bufffalo (bubalus bublis) which is found in many homes in some countries of Asia including India or indeed in Italy. Attempts to milk the syncerus caffer in order to get Mozzarella cheese have been dashed by the temper of the African buffalo. 

At the last count of animals in the Valley in a 2019 study, Uganda Wild Life Authority recorded the presence of 7,501 buffaloes in Kidepo; the largest population of animals. Hartebeast were the second most populous while elephant came third with nearly 700 head. The growth of the giraffe family from the three which had survived poaching in 1992, to 204 two decades later; was due to a transfer of their species from Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya; thanks to the efforts of Frankfurt Zoological Society.

Several Ugandan tour companies organise safaris to Kidepo National Park: with Uganda Wildlife Authority ensuring that your stay in this intriguing expanse of land joining the three East African Community countries of Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan, is a memorable experience.