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Indian Parliament Kicks Off Express Sittings

Tuesday, 15th September 2020

 Prime Minister Modi of India has called on the Monsoon Session of Parliament to send out a strong and unanimous message of support to the Indian army whose soldiers are on the borders. Saluting the great courage and high spirits with which Indian soldiers are defending the borders in difficult terrains, Modi said both Houses of Parliament should clearly voice the resolve of the country to stand fully in support of the Indian army.

The Prime Minister reminded members of both Houses of Parliament of the difficult times caused by the Corona pandemic; which would not allow them the opportunity to freely move everywhere like before. He urged these top Indian legislators to take care of themselves as India could not afford any laxity in its approach to the pandemic in the absence of a vaccine. While commending Indian scientists for the work they had done in this regard, Modi urged researchers and the pharmaceutical community from any corner of the world to come up with the desperately needed remedy for the pandemic.

Modi made these remarks at the commencement of the parliamentary sitting under the Monsoon Session on 14th September, 2020. There is a long list of bills awaiting both Houses of Parliament 23 of which were tabled by Government at the first sitting, yesterday.The Prime Minister hailed Indian parliamentarians for their determination to fulfill their duties and obligations to the country despite the harsh coronavirus climate. The Prime Minister appreciated the spirit of commitment displayed by members of the lower chamber (Lok Sabha) and the upper chamber of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) who had agreed to work through weekends to ensure that necessary legislations would be passed in time. He noted that not only had members of both Houses of Parliament accepted this, they had welcomed it and had thus decided to continue on the path of duty.

The Indian bicameral legislature sits in three annual parliamentary sessions with the January/February Budget Session typically marking the start of the legislative year. Both Houses normally take a break from the Budget Session in June and start the Second Session of Parliament in July/August.Another break is taken in October and Parliament then resumes in November for its final session, the Winter Session, which ends in December. This pattern was severely disrupted this year thanks to COVID-19; and now both Houses have to meet on the same day, albeit at different times, in order to catch up with the pile of work pending since its long recess.