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Uganda Airlines Eyes Indian Skies

Monday, 1st March 2021

Uganda Airlines, popularly known as The Crane, will soon be making its maiden flight from Entebbe to Mumbai. This follows the designation of the airline to operate scheduled passenger as  well as cargo flights on the Entebbe to Mumbai and Mumbai to Entebbe route. This level of connectivity between Uganda and India is exactly what the Ugandan Mission in New Delhi had been looking for in its efforts to intensify Uganda-India economic relations. Among the first beneficiaries to this arrangement are the tour operators of, especially India, who have been put off by the long distances between India and Uganda tourist destinations. The Mission hopes that Uganda tourism will benefit greatly, with the more direct flights to Uganda from Mumbai.

 Under a special arrangement made between the Government of Uganda and  the Government of India, the Crane will start flights despite the COVID-inspired suspension of international flights. The final touches to this agreement were made during the last virtual meeting between Ugandan and Indian civil aviation authorities held in November last year. Under this agreement, Uganda is set to sign a Bubble Agreement that will allow Uganda Airlines to commence agreed ad hoc flights.


The Government of India has since forwarded the Bubble Agreement template to Uganda Civil Aviation Authority for consideration. What now remains is a face to face meeting between the aeronautical authorities of India and Uganda. At this important meeting, all the technical aspects of the agreement will be ironed out to enable the Crane to take to Ugandan, international and Indian airspace for scheduled landings and take-offs from Mumbai. Keen to see to it that the Crane soon soars over Indian skies, the high level Ugandan technical aviation team will visit India within the first half of March.