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Planning Revival of Sri Lanka Apparel Industry

Thursday, 18th March 2021


President Rajapaksa  has pledged to revive the apparel industry in the Sri Lankan economy so that it regains its place as the leading exports industry  in the country. The President pointed to the large earnings in foreign exchange which could be realised by the revival of  the local apparel industry and urged the private sector to work towards the  $5.1 billion earnings target by the end of the year.  Rising to the Presidential challenge, members of the apparel section of the Sri Lankan private sector assured Rajapaksa that they were committed to achieving both the targeted earnings and the goal of reviving their collective apparel business. They appealed to the President to remove some of the bottlenecks they faced in the industry, many of which arose from  health guidelines imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In the course of the engagement, the President noted the shortage of human resources in the apparel industry. He advised key players in the industry to help generate quality and secure employment opportunities so as to attract youths, and retain them in the sector.