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New Delhi Mission to Style-Up Location

Wednesday, 31st March 2021
Ambassador Philip Tayebwa, second from left, with staff of the New Delhi Mission


The Uganda Mission in New Delhi is in search of a location for its Chancery which is currently located in Vasant Vihar, a middle-class housing estate in Delhi. Regretting the loss of its allocated quarter in the diplomatic enclave of Chanakyapuri in the 1980s, officials have rued the unavoidable necessity of moving the Chancery from one address to the other in the crowded areas of Delhi.  They were deeply concerned about such movements in New Delhi, the hub of diplomacy in south-east Asia and a highly strategic Mission location for Uganda.

Uganda and India have had outstanding relations for over a century, a fact underlined by the opening of the New Delhi Mission soon after Uganda gained her independence.  As India races to become a world power both economically and politically, Uganda is keen to learn from her experiences in these arenas. In this respect, Uganda does not have to knock too hard on the doors of the Indian Government. The top leadership of India has already opened the doors of friendship and collaboration to Uganda; as underlined by the visit of Prime Minister Modi to Uganda in July 2018. 

 The discussions to strengthen the Mission in Delhi reflects Ugandan commitment to maintain and further strengthen the relations she enjoys with India; hence the decision to relocate the Chancery after three-days of internal discussions between the Mission and Ambassador Philip Tayebwa, the head of regional economic cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Uganda. The meeting was a review of the implementation of reforms adopted one year ago at a week-long review of the Mission at a retreat in Ahmedabad in Gujarat. That review had been carried out by a team led by the Under Secretary and made up of the commissioner human resource as well as the deputy head of the planning unit in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The over-all aim of that review was the  strengthening of the Mission in fulfilling its mandate of looking after Ugandan interests in the six countries of India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Maldives.