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Modi Wrestles COVID For Indian Lives and Economy

Thursday, 22nd April 2021
Prime Minister Modi addressing India on War Against COVID

In the face of a virulent strain of COVID-19, Prime Minister Modi has rallied India to tackle the virus head-on.  Torn between the COVID volley and locking the country  with the resultant damage to the convalescent economy, Modi urged Indians to create micro container zones so us to gain the double advantage of containing the wild spread of the virus while minimising its over-all effect on the Indian economy. The Prime Minister gave this advice on 20th April;  in an impassioned speech which he delivered to India at a time when COVID positive cases are running into hundreds of thousands a day. The Prime Minister urged his country-men and women to be determined, courageous and to prepare themselves to fight this wave of the virus just as they had battled the first wave.

Reminding the country of the competencies which India has in many fields, Modi said the war against this wave of corona had found India more prepared than at the first appearance of the virus. He told India that all the oxygen produced in the country must, as a matter of priority, be given to hospitals for the use of corona virus patients. He said all oxygen production units in each State in the country would produce oxygen to supply to State hospitals. To ensure this happens the Prime Minister said that only a handful of industries will be supplied with oxygen for industrial need.  

Modi reminded his country that her strong national pharmaceutical industry, with a global reputation for its production of vaccines, had been working ceaselessly to produce vaccines against coronavirus. He lauded the innovative work of the pharmaceuticals private sector which had enabled India to produce the cheapest vaccine; which is suited to the Indian cold chain system.  As a result of this, India had launched the largest vaccination campaign in the world with Made in India vaccines. Among those who were at the forefront of the vaccination campaign were health care workers, frontline corona warriors and senior citizens. With vaccines availed to every State in the country, mass mobilisation of anyone above 18 years is being rolled out.

The Prime Minister made an ardent appeal to all age groups in the country to get immunised in medical facilities which are indicated from time to time. Discouraging across the country movement by migrant workers, Modi said corona vaccines will be available in all the 29 States of India. He therefore called on workers to get immunised in whichever State of the country they happen to be employed.

From his speech it is clear that the Prime Minister is seeking to save lives while minimising the damage to the economy caused by lock-downs and absentee workers. The Indian leader has drawn the youth into this struggle and counseled them to pursue and encourage COVID discipline in all areas of the country. He encouraged the youth to form small COVID management committees in their apartments or places of residence. If we do this, he advised, then the governments will never need to create a container zone or curfew. Neither will there be any need for a lockdown, he said.