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Salute to India and Her Friends in COVID War

Monday, 24th May 2021



India is winning the war against the ferocious second wave of COVID 19; thanks to her comprehensive strategy of fighting the pandemic. The first four pillars of testing, tracking, treating and following standard operating procedures were further strengthened by an orchestrated assiduous vaccination campaign. India is counting victories as she continues a country-wide vaccination exercise in which nearly 152million of her population has received the first stage of immunization. The country made immunization gains partly because of her Make In India vaccines available in local manufacturing plants. But she also made vaccines out of ingredients donated to her by her friends. Meanwhile, in hospitals throughout the country, thousands more patients continued to recover from the virus despite its deadly grip. Daily recoveries from the plague now outnumber its recorded daily cases. The national recovery rate is put at 88.6 per cent while national deaths caused by it are at 1.3 per cent; and declining.

Saving the lives of her citizens has occupied centre-stage of government priorities in the past three weeks; with Prime Minister Modi sharing ideas, plans and strategies with central as well as state governments leaders; from day to day. One of the deadliest fronts in which this war was fought was over the supply of medical oxygen to hospitals treating corona patients. India battled this life-saving shortage with her railway network which introduced among its routes a special train:  the Oxygen Express. Criss-crossing the country, the Oxygen Express picked up the precious life-saving element from manufacturing plants and raced with it to any of the hospitals in the 29 states of this continent-size country. The Oxygen Express ran on the high priority Green Corridor of the railway network, having been accorded highest urgency of travel. This, needless to say, was in order to ensure that oxygen reached where it was needed in the shortest possible time. This special train has so far delivered over 15,000metric tons of liquid medical oxygen; and continues the Indian struggle to save lives.

India has excellent relations with many countries of the world which reciprocated her earlier generosity and solidarity with them in their fight against the first wave of COVID. Many countries therefore stood shoulder to shoulder with the country at her hour of need. Accordingly India received COVID-19 relief medical supplies and equipment from different continents and organizations. These were expeditiously dispatched to States and Union Territories to supplement their efforts in COVID-19 treatment and management. Of the most critical importance for this wave of COVID were oxygen manufacturing plants and equipment. Cumulatively, 16,630 oxygen concentrators, 15,961 oxygen cylinders, 19 oxygen generation plants, and 11,516ventilators were donated to the country by her global friends.