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Here Is Uganda's New Minister of Foreign Affairs

Friday, 25th June 2021
Jeje Abubahkar Odongo, Minister of Foreign Affairs



The new Ugandan Minister of Foreign Affairs is a man of wide experience who has studied and travelled in many countries of the world beside his own home country.  The Hon General (retired) Jeje Abubakhar Odongo holds two masters degrees in international studies from Ugandan and Kenyan universities; besides a basic degree in education which he acquired in his home university of Makerere in 1976. Apart from being a student of civil affairs, Jeje (as he is popularly known) is a student of military matters: having studied at the Kenya National Defence College in Karen in 2007, Monduli Academy in Tanzania where he became a commissioned officer in 1979/80. In 1992 he studied logistics command at Monterey in the US.

With this educational background, Odongo has served his country in various capacities including that of Army Commander; and in different ministries including Defence, Environment, and Internal Affairs.