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Chief Minister Welcomes Uganda-Gujarat Economic Collaboration

Sunday, 11th July 2021



The Mission in Delhi ran a week-long tour of the west Indian State of Gujarat in pursuit of its commercial diplomacy drive. The team was welcomed by the Chief Minister of Gujarat, the Hon Rupani Vijay who encouraged the delegation to interact with as many of the chambers of industry and business in his State as possible. He welcomed the idea of an impending visit by the Ugandan private sector to India and invited that delegation to visit his State, where he offered to receive them as his guests. In the same breath the Chief Minister called for a prior virtual meeting between that delegation and a host of his officials. Such a discussion, he said, would lead to a clearer understanding of the areas of economic activity and investment which were of interest to Uganda. He also said that such an interaction would help his business community to seek out partners and partnerships in Uganda.

During the visit, the Mission toured key machine-making industries as well as the pride of Gujarat State cotton, textile and apparel conglomerate, Arvind. From its beginnings during the freedom struggle led by Gandhi, Arvind has grown into a multi-billion company which caters for all global tastes in the CTA as well as in emerging fibres and specialised apparel.