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India beats COVID 19 with test, track, treat and tika

Thursday, 22nd July 2021

After winning a grueling multi-faceted battle against the second mutation of the corona virus, Prime Minister Modi has urged his country to plug each and every loophole in order to prevent the occurrence of a third wave of the scourge. The Prime Minister has waged a two-month war against the second wave of COVID which broke out in May, rallying India to the frontline under the four-theme banner of test, track, treat and tika.

India can breathe again as the daily positivity rate of COVID 19 has remained less than three per cent for 30 consecutive days; and below five per cent for the last 44 consecutive days. According to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, at the time of writing this story, the country had 42,015 active cases. This compares highly favourably with 8th May, at the peak of the second wave of the plague, when the country reported 403,405 active cases per day.

The record of over 400,000 cases of COVID positivity per day gave India the grave international image of a country overwhelmed by this global plague. But the government of India fought back; against the virus and against this unfortunate image. It instituted a lockdown in all states in the country and mounted its four-pronged fight against the virus. It stepped up testing and tracking procedures throughout the country .Any new arrivals to India had to go through stringent testing measures, and those found with the virus isolated and treated. Those without had to surrender personal details especially those of contacts including physical address, telephone and email contacts for purposes of follow-up or tracking.

Within the country, all States instituted lockdowns and mounted corona awareness campaigns on all media platforms. Indian newspaper houses, radio and televisions stations as well as the social media joined in a gigantic cross-country anti-COVID campaign in all the major languages spoken in the country: Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telegu and Kannada. All television programmes in all the languages including English, ran spot messages on the virus and ways in which to fight or avoid it. They also brought home the gravity of the threat: reading and displaying infection, treatment, recovery as well as death rates in various states throughout the country.

In this campaign India tested over449 million people and vaccinated over 400 million; in a collaborative effort between the Union and State governments of this vast country. The vaccines were provided by the Union government free of charge to all States. To-date, all States have received vaccines according to their requirements; though it appears that not all States have taken advantage of this free supply of vaccines. The Ministry of Health reports of 28,873,099 vaccines which are lying idle.

Meanwhile Prime Minister Modi continues to call for vigilance against the plague, making provision for more intensive care beds in hospitals. He also continues to broadcast his message of establishing micro-container zones; and of avoiding large crowds and public gatherings to all who have ears to hear. It is this message which has earned India a recovery rate of 97.36 percent and brought down the weekly positivity rate to 2.09 per cent in the fight against COVID 19.