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Chautawaile Honours Ugandan Independence Celebrations

Tuesday, 5th October 2021
Mr Jatinder Sehgal, Dr Vijay Sehgal and Grace Akello pose for a picture in front of Ugandan Coat of Arms

Uganda Mission in New Delhi decided to hold the 59th Independence Anniversary on 4th October, five days before the actual independence day. Its ceremony was honoured by the presence of Dr Vijay Chautawaile as Chief Guest. This soft-spoken scientist turned politician is  the In-charge, Department of Foreign Affairs in the the Bharatiya Janata Party. Dr Vijay Chautawaile is no stranger to Uganda, having visited the country before accompanying Prime Minister Modi during the Indian leader July, 2018 visit to the country.  Other top-ranking celebrants for the fourth October event from the Government of India included the Secretary for Eastern and Southern Africa, Dr Deepak Kundal; two Members of the Rajya Sabha and the Uganda Desk Officer at the Ministry of External Affairs, Dr Shelat.

Among the audience during the ceremony were outstanding Indians who have contributed significantly to Ugandan education and SME industries. Mr Jatinder Sehgal who grew up in Uganda, attending St Marys College Kisubi during the Amin regime, assisted the High Commission in organizing the celebration ceremonies. He it was who introduced the Delhi School concept into Uganda, contributing significantly to the development of the human resource in Uganda. Another pillar of support celebrating with Ugandans was Mr Kishore Kumar whose name is synonymous with the industries whose plants he built such as Maganjo Grain Millers, Bella Wines, Movit and Samona, among others.

The ceremony was held at the gardens of the High Commissioner residence as a way to ensure COVID social distancing. The Doyen of the New Delhi Diplomatic Corps, Ambassador Alem Woldermariam of Eritrea, added colour to the event as he graced the welcome ceremony for Dr Vijay Chautawaile. Other African Heads of Mission attended the joyful event which was also attended by some Latin American and Caribbean envoys.

The centre of interest was however, the 18-member Ugandan business delegation which has been touring India in search of robust industrial machinery. This team blended into the welcoming audience and joined in the cultural performances led by Ugandan students in India.