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Modi Key To A Pro-People-Planet

Wednesday, 19th January 2022
Prime Minister Modi addressed the World Economic Forum taking place from 18th to 21st January, 2022 in virtual Modi

The Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, has called for a caring life style for the environment which will help humanity fight the challenge of climate change. The Indian leader made this call in his State of the World special address to the Davos World Economic Forum at the beginning of the week.

Modi shared with the Economic Forum delegations aspects of the Indian struggle against COVID-19; saying that his country was tackling another wave of the pandemic with a mixture of caution and confidence. Recalling the Indian principle of One Earth, One Health, the Indian leader reminded the Davos Forum of how, at the outbreak of Corona, his country had contributed to saving many lives globally by exporting essential medicines and vaccines. He told the virtual audience of political and business leaders and the global media that his country is the third largest world producer of pharmaceuticals and for this reason should be considered the pharmacy of the world.

Sounding upbeat on the economic front, the Indian leader said that despite the current wave of COVID-19 however, India had not shut down its economy on account of the virus but was moving ahead in the economic sphere with many hopeful results. The Prime Minister said that India is committed to becoming a reliable partner in global supply-chains and is forging ahead making free trade agreements with many countries.

Indicating the growing attractiveness of India as a partner, the Prime Minister alluded to the innovation capabilities, technology adaptation and application of his country ; as well as to the enterprising spirit that makes India an ideal global partner. This therefore, Modi stressed was the best time to invest in India; adding that the India had an educated and energetic pool of youth to cater for all categories of labour: from high-tech to brawn labour.

The Indian Prime minister told the Davos Forum that in the next 25 years, his country will pursue growth which will be green, clean, sustainable as well as reliable. Modi pointed out the ecological cost of the current life style and policies; highlighting the challenges that our life-style causes for climate. In particular he castigated the throw away culture and consumerism which have deepened the climate challenge. He called for a quick exit from the current take-make-use-dispose economy to a circular economy. Referring to the Mission LIFE (Lifestyle for Environment), that he tabled at the CoP26 Conference, the Prime Minister said that making LIFE into a mass movement can be a strong foundation for a Pro-People-Planet (P-3). He argued that his proposed Lifestyle for Environment, was a vision of a global resilient and sustainable lifestyle that will come handy in dealing with the climate crisis and other unpredictable challenges of the future.

The 2022 Davos World Economic Forum is a four-day day event, running from 18th to 21st January. Held in virtual mode, the Forum is attended by political leaders, business executives and other leaders, including media leaders. The priority discussion this year is on accelerating progress towards tackling global challenges; especially COVID and climate change. Also at hand are discussions on education and global technology. The second priority is to connect global leaders in fostering and generating new ideas and innovations for the socio-economic benefit of humanity.