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Jacob Kiplimo Lord Of World Half Marathon Trail

Sunday, 20th February 2022
Jacob Kiplimo pictured here at the Polish city of Gdynia where the 2020 global half marathon event was held, winning Uganda's first gold medal in the sport

Jacob Kiplimo has done Uganda proud, yet again, with his under one hour run for the half-marathon. The golden boy from Eastern Uganda beat his own record of Lisbon by a factor of 25 seconds, taking gold in the Dubai event for a-57.56 minutes run for the half marathon. At Lisbon in August 2021, Kiplimo razed down all global competitors in this European city for the same sport and won gold at 57.31 seconds. Put in ordinary language, Jacob Kiplimo ran a kilometre in just over four minutes during the Lisbon event. Lisbon was a proud moment for East African athletes dominance in the world half marathon: they took all but one of the ten top positions in the sport. And the other position was taken by a fellow African, an Eritrean, from the greater Eastern Africa region.

Though reduced by 25seconds, the winning streak in this young athlete delivered yet another gold for Uganda in Dubai.  In Arabia, three days ago, Kiplimo blazed the half marathon trail to grab gold at the 15th Fastest World Half Marathon event held at the Ras Al Khaimah Stadium.