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Engineering: From Punjab to Uganda

Tuesday, 23rd January 2018
Amb. Kezaala and Mr. Balunywa, the Education Attache' , pose for a group photo with staff and students at the engineering faculty
Following concerted consultations and visits, the Education Attache at New Delhi High Commission, Mr Baker Balunywa, has identified engineering and management opportunities for Ugandan students at Quest Group of Institutions in Chandigarh. Located in Punjab State in north-east India, these institutions have offered ten scholarships to Uganda High Commission in New Delhi. The scholarships are in the areas of engineering, business studies and management.  They are on a sliding scale with two being full scholarships, another two having 75% of educational expenses met; and the remaining six being  50% scholarships where the students will meet the remaining 50% of educational costs.

A visit to Chandigarh, the home-base of Quest Education Institutions, by the Deputy Head of Mission and the Education Attache, confirmed the presence of African students from several countries including Cameroon, Zambia, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Mali and Ghana. Most of these students have taken advantage of the engineering and technology courses; undertaking studies in civil, electronic and mechanical engineering as well as in ICT and computer science. 

Keen to get feedback on efficacy and social climate in these institutions, the High Commission team sought an interaction with African students at the Quest College of Science and Technology in Chandigarh. They found out that the critical issue of accommodation is sorted out by provision of campus halls of residence as well as nearby flats specifically made available for group occupation by students at the Chandigarh campus. Over-all, the High Commission team found out that though they came from a diversity of African countries with differing academic backgrounds, the students expressed satisfaction with the courses and facilities at their College.

For Uganda, the Quest Group of Institutions has offered not only scholarships, it is keen to develop on - the-ground engineering and technical educational opportunities in the country. The Group wishes to establish basic skills training courses ranging from three to six months; and for longer courses leading to appropriate certification. The Group is therefore due to visit Uganda and hold bilateral discussions with Ministry of Education officials leading to the establishment of these institutions.