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Uganda: Beguiling Mother of the Nile

Tuesday, 19th February 2019
Uganda's Mission in New Delhi, India has held its Second Uganda - India Business Conference in the eastern Indian city of Kolkata. The first ever such conference was last March held in Mumbai, India's commercial capital; and was launched by HE Edward Sekandi, Vice President of Uganda. The Kolkata conference tool place between 14th and 15th February, 2019 and was opened by the Minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives, Hon Amelia Kyambadde. She represented Hon Sam Kutesa, as the Guest of Honour for the event. In her keynote address, Kyambadde made an ardent call to prospective Indian investors, to consider Uganda as a profitable, safe and secure place for their investments.

The two day meeting examined investment and other business opportunities in Uganda's key sectors including energy, tourism, agro-processing, minerals and infrastructure. Presentations were also made on trading prospects and on ways of righting the balance of trade between Uganda and India. Uganda currently imports more goods from India than the latter does from Uganda. Thus the terms of trade between the two countries are very highly in favour of India.

 Uganda's lead development agencies including Uganda Development Corporation, Uganda Export Promotion Board, Uganda Free Zones Authority and Uganda Wild Life Authority, gave technical papers on their areas of specializations and added to the knowledge about the country and its attractive investment and tourism potential. Some of the participants learnt for the first time that Uganda was the source of the Nile.

The Mission also brought some Indian agencies in the areas of fossil energy and renewable energy, on trade and on youth skills training, to offer Indian knowledge, experiences and know-how for the benefit of the Conference and Uganda.

The Minister of Minerals and Energy Development, the Hon Irene Muloni, gave a lucid account of the oil and minerals sector; outlining the steps Government was taking to ensure that oil did not become a curse; and that Uganda's minerals would be beneficiated at home and not extracted in raw form for value-addition outside the country.

Sector exhibitions, tourism displays, cultural displays including a Uganda cultural dance troupe; added to the vibrancy and colour of the Conference.