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Uganda Alerts Potential Tourists on Visa Fraudsters

Wednesday, 27th March 2019

As Uganda's tourism attractions draw more and more people to the Pearl of Africa, government is keen to ensure that the sojourner to Uganda gets value for money before his travel to the country. The journey of a thousand miles, begins with the first step, goes the saying. And in modern travel on our planet, that first step is usually the acquisition of an appropriate visa for the visit. The visa regime of Uganda is intended to reduce your anxiety about travel to the Mother of the Nile. In line with this, authorities in Uganda have developed appropriate visa types for any traveler ranging from holders of diplomatic passports to those seeking two years' multiple entries into the country.

We would like to provide the readers of our website with a table of visa types and their fees/charges for ease of reference; towards the end of this article. We would also like to advise our readers of the existence of a Government of Uganda official electronic application window. All prospective travels to the country are kindly advised that the website for visas is; where you will find a friendly portal. Here you will be able to access genuine visas at the cost which the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uganda charges for the differentiated visas.

Government of Uganda would like to disassociate itself from any other website, set up by unscrupulous agents with the express aim of defrauding would-be Ugandan travelers. As is to be expected, some of the fake visa agencies have sweet-sounding website names such as travel to Uganda or e-visa for Uganda or about Uganda etc.  Not only are these visa agencies fraudsters charging exorbitant visa fees, they also issue fake documents which are not recognized by Ugandan immigration officials at our borders of entry.

As can be seen from the table below, Uganda charges modest visa fees because we want to welcome you to enjoy the attractions which we have in this part of the world. Help us to make your journey as stress-free as possible by always using the official visa website. If in doubt, our Mission in New Delhi will guide you through the visa-acquisition process.  So will all our Missions in any other part of the world, from where you might be wishing to visit the Pearl of Africa.

Types of Uganda’s Visas

 No Type of Visa  Official Charges/Fees in US$
 1  Diplomatic Visa for Diplomatic and Official Passport Holders 
 2  Uganda Ordinary   
 3 Uganda Tourist Visa   
 4  Transit Visa 
 5  East Africa Tourist Visa   
 6  Multiple Entry Visa for 6 Months   
 7 Multiple Entry Visa for 12 Months
 8 Multiple Entry Visa for 24 Months