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The Incubation Powerhouse of Indian Industry

Thursday, 11th April 2019

In line with the strategy of promoting regional industrial development in Uganda, the Uganda High Commission visited the National Small Industries Corporation Ltd (NSIC), a Government of India Enterprise. The visit was in part also aimed at learning at first hand, how India was handling the tricky question of youth unemployment.  The NSIC is the ultimate back-up in the production of machine parts which power India's industries: small, medium as well as large. It is also the mother ground for training and upgrading the country's industrial workers. The High Commissioner toured the establishment, located at the heart of India's Okhla Industrial Estate, in Delhi; together with the recently posted Secretary for Economic Affairs, Ms Sophie Burungi.

The NSIC complex in Okhla is a beehive of industrial activity and industrial training. During the tour, the High Commissioner was shown basic small-scale industries which could be set up with $10,000 or less; in any part of the world. These included a simple socks-making plant, a cloth embroidery plant, a paper-napkins and toilet paper plant, an exercise-book making plant, a plastic bottle making plant as well as a nails-making plant. All these fall within the $10,000 range to set up; provided the prospective factory or plant site has a source of power.  In the food section, the Mission was shown spice-grinding and oil-extraction plants, including ginning machines within the same price range. The more sophisticated bread and biscuit making and packing plant could be set up for $50,000. Young people were being trained on how to run these plants; the training exercise lasting no more than three months. Trainees in these sections range from school drop-outs to entrepreneurs wishing to start a new line of activity.

From the small industrial plants and training section, the Mission was taken to the machining section where groups of young people were working with a large number of machines of different sizes and applications. This is the section in which those employed by industries come to upgrade their knowledge on production of machine parts for different applications as required by their particular industries. The trainees in this section hold at least an advanced certificate of education.

The tour in the high-tech Centre for Advanced Training took the High Commission team through the training sections of industrial automation and mechatronics, industrial robotics, cyber security and cyber forensics, computer-aided engineering, etc.  Here trainees are graduate engineers in different specialisms.

The NSIC is an incubation powerhouse that produces moulds and technologies which are the backbone to Indian industry as a whole.