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Hon Sam Kutesa receives a Solanika Minitractor from Mr Rabin, International Director Solanika Tractor Company on Friday, 8th June

Friday, 14th June 2019
Hon Sam Kutesa receives a Solanika Minitractor from Mr Rabin, International Director Solanika Tractor Company on Friday, 8th June
The Hon Sam Kutesa, Minister of State of Foreign Affairs, has congratulated Prime Minister Modi for securing a second time victory with a landslide win in last month's elections in India. The Minister made these remarks in early June, while welcoming the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Executive Member responsible for Africa and the Middle East, Mr Sehgal, to his office in Kampala. Mr Sehgal told the Minister that the Indian people had clearly expressed their approval of Prime Minister Modi's development policies; by giving him a mandate bigger than when they first voted him to office in 2014. Kutesa recalled the warm friendly ties that exist between Uganda and India and looked forward to continued mutually beneficial development cooperation between the two countries; during Prime Minister Modi's second term.

He referred to Uganda's current struggle to lift the country to middle-income status; underlining that collaboration with India would accelerate the pace of the aspired transformation. In this respect, he welcomed the visit of the ago-machinery manufacturing company, Solis, to the country. Solis manufactures many agricultural machines and tools of which the two world famous tractor brands are Solis, made specially for the European market and Solanika, made for the African market. The Minister outlined the usefulness of tractors for Uganda farmers in their struggle for increased farm production and productivity. He recalled better farming times in Uganda when there were more tractors in use in the farming sector. Then, his own tractor, not only ploughed the land, but served in a wide range of other farm and off-farm activities.  The Minister was relieved to see that Solis had at last gone back to Uganda, to fulfil an urgent need for tractors in the Government's push to mechanize agriculture.

Earlier the Indian delegation had carried out consultations with Hon Vincent Sempijja, Minister of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries, who encouraged Solanika to set up a tractor assembly plant in Uganda. At another meeting with the agricultural mechanization department of the Ministry of Agriculture, the technical team unveiled an existing Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of Uganda and Solanika; and urged the company to actualize the expectations of being Uganda's agricultural mechanization partner.