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The 2020s Is The Decade Of The Indian Entrepreneur

Thursday, 16th January 2020


The Prime Minister of India has dubbed the 2020s the decade of the Indian entrepreneur. Narendra Modi made these remarks in New Delhi while officiating at the 100th celebrations of Kirloskar Brothers, a giant Indian enterprise engaged in the business of manufacturing pumps and valves. The Prime Minister lauded the Kirloskar Brothers spirit of taking risks and expanding into new areas. The highlight of the celebrations was the release of a postage stamp and the launch of a Hindi biography of the founder of the Kirloskar Brothers.

The Prime Minister reiterated Indian Government support for entrepreneurs and enterprise pledging partnership with Indian industries. He elaborated that in the last few years, his government had been guided by the triple mantra of reforming with intent; of performing with integrity and of transforming with intensity. This mantra was underlain by Government determination not to be a hindrance to the Indian entrepreneur but to support and be a  reliable partner for any entrepreneur. As a result of this, India was able set and achieve big goals; and in time. Narendra Modi singled out the sterling performance of the unified payments interface (UPI) in the year 2018 and 2019, when huge sums of money had been successfully transferred through the interface.

For Uganda, the interface with the Kirloskar Brothers Ltd, better known by its acronym of KBL, is crucial for her industrialisation plans of the new decade. KBL has world renowned expertise in the areas of infrastructure projects including irrigation, power plants and water supply. In line with the Ugandan push for mechanising agriculture, the company could be a reliable investor and partner. During the Chamber of Indian Industry Conclave for Eastern and Southern Africa held in Munyonyo in November, 2017, KBL was among the companies which had shown immense interest in Ugandan agriculture and infrastructure.