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Uganda Ministry of Foreign Affairs Inspection Team Visits Delhi Mission

Friday, 14th February 2020
A Mission Inspection Team led by the Under Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is at work in the New Delhi Mission on a two-pronged visit. The first assignment of the visiting team is to look into the way the Mission is carrying out activities; with a view to providing any technical assistance and guidance meant to ensure effective performance of the Uganda High Commission in its areas of accreditation. The visiting team is also in India to follow up on the matter of Ugandan Indians who are due to receive pension and other terminal benefits for the their service to the Government of Uganda. A number of such persons are to be found in Gujarat State. The visit to Gujarat is to be carried out simultaneously with a retreat which the Mission has organised, in order to provide maximum focus to the streamlining of Mission activities.  Mr Stephen Kyaterekera the Under Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the leader of the three member team consisting of the Commissioner of Human Resources, Mr Mark Seramba and the Assistant Commissioner for Planning Mr Alex Asiimwe. 

The Visiting Team held a closed door briefing session with the Head of Mission on 14th  February, before it met  all Ugandan diplomats in New Delhi. Another important meeting scheduled for the day, was a consultation with all of the Mission's locally-recruited staff.   Over the week-end the Mission, along with the visiting team, will shift to the Gujarat city of Ahmadabad where there will be a two-day retreat for Mission planning; as well as an interaction with Ugandan Indian pensioners.