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Museveni Rings In Industrialisation At The Start Of 2020

Sunday, 6th January 2030
President Museveni has called for Uganda's entrepreneurs to embark on industrialising agricultural products in his 2020 New Year Address.

New Delhi Mission to Style-Up Location

Wednesday, 31st March 2021

Ugandan She Cranes Play With Elegance

Wednesday, 31st March 2021

From India to Uganda: 100,000 COVID Vaccines Gift

Thursday, 18th March 2021
Prime Minister Modi and other QUAD leaders held a virtual summit on 15th March, 2021

Uganda Electric Buses In the Making

Thursday, 11th March 2021

Indian Engineering Students Reach for the Stars

Thursday, 11th March 2021
President Kovind praises Anna University of Science and Technology in Chennai which boasts 45 per cent female student body. 

Uganda Airlines Eyes Indian Skies

Monday, 1st March 2021
Uganda Airlines is set to begin passenger and cargo flights between Entebbe and Mumbai, operating under a Bubble Agreement during the COVID period; and on regular schedules thereafter

India Set to Beat the COP21 Clean Energy Deadline

Monday, 2nd November 2020
India vows to produce 450 GW of clean energy by the end time of sustainable development goals

MSMEs Can Make The Difference Between Life And Death

Wednesday, 21st October 2020
Uganda High Commission tour of MSMEs and industrialisation in Gujarat

Cheptegei the Long Distance Warrior

Friday, 9th October 2020
Joshua Cheptegei, the 24-year long-distance Ugandan runner,  lived up to his warrior name yet again, on 7th October. In a flash of 26 minutes, 11 seconds and 02 milliseconds, Cheptegei in the true spirit of soldier Joshua, scooped the coveted 10,000 metres  crown in Valencia, Spain. It was a dramatic dash to victory as Cheptegei  smashed the 15-year old world record; set by Kenenisa Bekele of Ethiopia, by six seconds. 

Jaishankar Highlights Four Pillars of Indo-African Engagement

Monday, 5th October 2020

This article was extracted from an original story by Ms Aditi Bhaduri, which was published in the Asia and Middle East International Affairs Review On-line and Print Journal 

Ms Bhaduri is also an All India Radio Correspondent

Strenuous Choices At Historical Bugoma Forest

Monday, 5th October 2020
Bugoma Forest in Western Uganda is a cultural site that is a beautiful expanse of woodland most of it "naturally" grown from indigenous trees and plants. Some of it however grew from trees carefully selected and grown under the watchful eye of the strong late 19th century Omukama Chwa Kabalega II, king of Bunyoro from 1870 - 1899. During his reign the anti-colonialism war king fought many wars of resistance against domestic and foreign colonisers alike; using Bugoma forest as his war training ground. The no-nonsense-king is said to have personally imported and planted some of the tree species from different parts of his extensive  empire, including Mboga in Congo where he used to retreat once in a while. 

Today Bugoma forest is an extensive area of plant and fauna and is part of the Lake Albert ecosystem. It is on many tour agents' tourists itineraries. 

The Pearl Opens For Your Gaze, Once More

Wednesday, 23rd September 2020
President Yoweri Museveni addressed the nation on Sunday 20th of September, on COVID-19 lockdown and the state of the virus on his country and the people.

Outrage Of Makerere University Inferno At Dawn

Wednesday, 23rd September 2020

Jacob Kiplimo Sets A New 3,000 Metres Record

Friday, 18th September 2020
Jacob Kiplimo blazed the trail of athletics in Europe, smashing world records in Rome and Chez Republic. At the Chez athletic championships held in Ostrava, on 8th September, Kiplimo beat the world record holder, Selemon Basega of Ethiopia's previous 5,000 metres record of 12 minutes, 48 seconds and 63 milliseconds for the run. 

In another event held in the Italian capital city of  Rome, hardly a fortnight later, Jacob Kiplimo triumphed yet again. It was a battle of two Jacobs as the golden Ugandan teenager battled Norway's Jakob Ingerbrigsten; overtaking him on the trail. The Ugandan Jacob blazed to victory setting the new 3,000 metres world record of 7 minutes, 26 seconds and 64 milliseconds.